Today, Egetürk is operating in a factory of 63.000 m² covered space on 70.000 m² of land.

To sustain the hygiene in every step of the production process is the main principle for the facilities which has a 150 ton capacity for garlic sausage per day.


Experienced butchers process the meat on sterile work surfaces out of polyamide. Stainless steel guillotines are used to chop the meat.

For the production of garlic and bologna type sausages, the chopped meat is then taken to the mincer where it is separated from any sinews and seasoned with the spices which give the meat products their traditional taste.

The meat mixture is then prepared in computer controlled choppers and taken to the filling machines in stainless steel containers.


In each phase of the production process, the garlic sausage is subject to quality control and is dried in special rooms where temperature, moisture and air supply are continually controlled.

Several years ago Egetürk asked European experts to take measurements in Turkey so the climate of Kayseri could be reproduced in the factory. This ensured the consistency of the quality and taste over many years.


When salamis become ready to cook, they go through a thermal process in giant ovens.

Afterwards, they are cooled down with special shower systems and they are transferred to cold storage areas for conditioning.


When salamis are mature enough, they are transferred to slicing units and get packaged as 100-250 gr sliced portions.

The slicing area which has extreme hygiene standards is protected against bacteria and germ infiltrations with high air pressure. This area has the hygiene standards of a hospital operating room since the air inside flows through special filtration systems. 


The sealed products are packed in suitably shaped boxes and taken to storage.


The samples taken from the products ready for sale are kept in the facilities until their expiration date, in case of a necessary analysis. These packaged samples are sent to the independent laboratories for inspection after gas measurements and durability tests are done.


At the end of each day the production area is cleaned with the utmost care. The machines and production surfaces are cleaned with foaming cleaning agents and pressurized water. The production and aging rooms are covered with tiles which are acid and chemical resistant as well as dirt and bacteria repellent.


The facilities are inspected by independent health organizations on a daily basis. The highest standard of hygiene achieved is carefully examined in every step of the production, from the work clothes of the employees, to areas where cutting is done, from production machines to filling machines and to the packaging areas.


Another component of the hygiene standard in the factory is the air conditioning for the entire facility. The temperature of the entire production area is always kept below 12°C. 


The boxed products are palletized by computer controlled machines, untouched by human hands and transferred to the cold air storage which has a capacity of 2,500 pallets, via automated conveyer belts. The palletized products are tracked via computer and are kept under control until they leave the factory on a first in first out basis. Therefore all the products are kept fresh without breaking the cold air chain and become ready for distribution.


During the entire transport, the required temperature is maintained. Egetürk products are distributed in these special conditions throughout the world, mainly to the Asian and European countries.

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